The Brit Method – full and honest review

Founded in 2016, The Brit Method has seized the interest of many online traders. However, many of them are still worried if this system is legit and can it be trusted. After all, you will be investing your money and trusting a software to place the trades instead of you. The founder of this platform, Jason Taylor states that you can earn huge amounts of money in a just couple of weeks. We found it hard to believe until we tried its features and this trading platform blows our mind. Of course, you need to have a bit of experience to start earning big money, but one you get the ropes, you are set for life.

How do the Brit Method works?

Like any other trading software, you need to open an account and fill out your private information. The whole procedure is done in a couple of minutes. Considering this a fully automated trading software, you only have to choose the assets and options you wish to trade, and the platform will start working. You don’t have to pay for anything; the download process is quick and free. They only investment you will have to make is a deposit. The minimum amount you can place is $250, but you can always invest more.

Terms of payment and demo account

The Brit Method uses various terms of payment; you can deposit the money by using PayPal, Discover, Skrill, Maestro, Master, Visa, and Bank wire. The minimum amount per trade is $1, but it will also bring you the lowest earning. Traders can use more than 50 assets to trade, and different type of options, the most popular are call and put options, which work on predictions. Basically, you predict whether the price of some asset will grow or fall. If you still aren’t sure whether this is the right trading platform for your needs, then you have an option to use a demo account. Traders will be awarded a virtual money, and you can use this account to get familiar with the platform.


For the first-time users, the Brit Method has allowed the usage of the welcome bonus. The amount of the bonus is $1,000. But, you can withdraw the bonus until you make at least several successful trades. If you have any issues, you can always contact the customer support, which is available 24/7, seven days in a week.