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Fine Art


Fine Art

Rainbow Hills with Craig Colvin BtS 10

Craig Colvin is an award-winning photographer and educator, based in San Jose, CA, whose primary focus is using the human body as art. Join Craig and I on this episode of Behind the Shot as we discuss his image “Rainbow Hills”.

See No Evil, Hear No Evil, and Peace with Dustin Jack BtS 09

Dustin Jack is a Los Angeles based photographer with a wide range of specialties. Today I sit down to talk with Dustin about his studio work with Tommy Lee, of Motley Crüe fame, and what it takes to get a great portrait – with all the pressure of a celebrity subject.

Sunrise at the Blue Swallow with Rick Sammon BtS 08

Canon Explorer of Light, educator, and award-winning photographer Rick Sammon is often called “The Godfather of Photography”. On this episode Rick discusses his HDR image Sunrise at the Blue Swallow.




TWiP Apps 21: RAW Power; Apple’s RAW Power Unleashed

There are many RAW decoders on the market from companies like Adobe, Phase, DxO, Macphun and of course Apple. Apple’s RAW engine is loved by many but since the demise of Aperture, we haven’t had a way to truly access it. Sure, Photos uses the macOS RAW engine, but you have no control over it. At least you didn’t… until now. RAW Power by Gentleman Coders is a Photos extension and standalone app that gives you complete access to the macOS RAW engine in an intuitive interface that’ll feel very familiar to Aperture users largely because of who wrote it. To find out more, you’ll just have to watch the show. Join me, PhotoJoseph, for this episode of TWiP Apps with guest Nik Bhatt, founder of Gentlemen Coders.

TWiP Apps 20: HoudahGeo; Like Pins on a MapBut Better

TWiP Apps 19: Aperture Exporter; Take the Blue Pill

TWiP Apps 18: Affinity Photo; To Affinity and Beyond!


TriggerTrap Saga ITL 07

TriggerTrap Saga – ITL 07 Engineering photographic equipment isn’t easy, especially in mass quantities. This discussi

Printing with Martin Bailey ITL 06

Gigapixel Macro ITL 05

Infrared and Beyond ITL 04